Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February Fondness #3: Cada Dia Dem?

Another post to touch upon one of my favorite bands, Incognito. Today friends, I wanna introduce you to Cada Dia. A song that says much by saying so little.

I'm sure enthusiastic music buffs will enjoy this song immensely. Love is out there friends, I think this song is telling me to go find it. I don't believe in waiting around for something to come to you. You gotta give a little, to get a little, get what I'm saying? They'll come find you alright, but they won't go far; you'll have to meet them halfway to get results.

But when you do...*sigh* it's soo much worth it...

P.S. My post title is a play on the word Diadem. A crown. Kinda like saying that this blog, although it ain't much, is considered one of the many crown jewels in my diadem of life.

Stay awesome friends. Stay. Awesome.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

February Fondness #2: Love Will Shiiiiiiine

♪ People gather together where the love shines- and everyone is truly freeeee! ♪

Stay free my friends, next week is Freedom Friday where I will touch upon what's going on with the world, such as the glorious revolution in Egypt.

If any Egyptian bros and sis are reading this: many Americans such as i have your back. Also, we are sorry for the way our idiot presidents and media portray us. Truth is, we're not as stupid as the rest of the world may think ;).

Love, love, love my friends, is what keeps us going.

Friday, February 4, 2011

February Fondness #1: Absence and Caution

Mah friends, I deeply and sincerely apologize for my absence. School issues set off panic alarms in me and I found myself desperately covering my derriere in order to make sure that all went well in that section of my world. I will from now one try to manage my time more efficiently so that I don't have to neglect this fine blog that I have established for myself.

Now, February is of course known as the Month of Love, but for all you peeps out there who have been shafted by love or are thinking of getting with someone, I hope you will take this link that I have bestowed upon this post as a friendly reminder to be careful with who you trust your heart to. Take it from someone who's had it broken twice in the past 5 years (different ppl).

Take care, have fun, and for god's sake, keep your head up.