Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February Fondness #3: Cada Dia Dem?

Another post to touch upon one of my favorite bands, Incognito. Today friends, I wanna introduce you to Cada Dia. A song that says much by saying so little.

I'm sure enthusiastic music buffs will enjoy this song immensely. Love is out there friends, I think this song is telling me to go find it. I don't believe in waiting around for something to come to you. You gotta give a little, to get a little, get what I'm saying? They'll come find you alright, but they won't go far; you'll have to meet them halfway to get results.

But when you do...*sigh* it's soo much worth it...

P.S. My post title is a play on the word Diadem. A crown. Kinda like saying that this blog, although it ain't much, is considered one of the many crown jewels in my diadem of life.

Stay awesome friends. Stay. Awesome.

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